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Marathon, Florida

Ahhhh, the brisk cold weather is finally upon us! Goodbye shorts, T’s and flip flops! Hello parka’s, boots, gloves and mandatory physical exertion shoveling the white crap!

Well I’m sure you can tell that I am not a fan of the winter months. I don’t ski, skate, toboggan, snowmobile or ice fish!

While I’m sure that many of you can’t wait to get out there and partake in all of winters splendor; I cannot wait for blistering heat, white sand beaches and high UV warnings.

With all the talk of global warming, how come it seems that it stays cooler longer each year? This past spring was quite cool and lasted almost into July. True we usually get a couple of weeks of blistering heat most summers, but we even missed out on that this year.

Generally speaking, in my experience, it seems that our winters are longer, though maybe not as cold and with less snow, thank God; our summers are shorter and cooler, with a hit of high heat and humidity for a couple of weeks and then back into the cooler temperatures and the fluffy white stuff.

High UV anyone?

So I ask, where is the “Warming” in Global Warming is, because it surely isn’t here in Ontario.