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Penn State Industries – Is anybody out there?

Well it pains me to have to bitch about a company, but when they take your money, don’t reply to your emails or send you what your ordered, it has to be said!

I ordered a bunch of materials from Penn State Industries a couple of weeks ago, and according to their shipping policy, “We will make every effort to ship parts and accessories within 1-4 days of receiving your order. (Subject to product availability.)” So when I waited 10 days and checked my order status it shows as not shipped yet, even though the site claimed that everything I ordered was in stock. I sent them an email through their contact us page, no response.

Now it is 14 days, again I checked my order status and again it shows as not shipped yet, so WTF? I didn’t get a reply, my order hasn’t been shipped, so what is the problem here? I sent another email asking about the status, but haven’t heard yet, If I don’t get a reply by the end of the day I will have no choice but to call my credit card company and advise them of the fraud.

It’s companies like this that give e-commerce a bad reputation. I don’t believe that as consumers we should have to put up with this crap!