The Point?

We travel through each day with our eyes open, but what do we really see?

We move from point A to point B, allowing our senses to be assaulted by the lights, sounds, smells and textures of the world around us.

Do any of us take the time to stop, or even pause and absorb the natural beauty and wonder of the world in which we live?

Why do we not enrich our lives in ways that can only be experienced by those who have made a conscious decision to look at the world around them and savor the culture, diversity and splendor of all that it is to be human?

QUERITOR, is it what fills our senses?

QUERITOR, is it what we crave?

QUERITOR, is it what we have become?

Thank you for taking the time to experience the world through my eyes. I hope that the experience will bring you much amusement and provide some information or insight so that you can better enjoy the world around you.

My purpose is to inform… to stimulate dialogue… and to help everyone appreciate, through travel, that there is more to life than to Queritor!

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