Happy Halloween!

Got Candy?

Another year of tricks, treats, ghosts, ghouls and goblins has come and gone. It seems that every year, there are fewer and fewer children coming to my door, with more and more young adults and larger groups of “treaters” appearing. Are we seeing the end of a tradition? Or are our busy lives and the fear of the real “monster” living next door causing us to not let our children roam the streets freely and partake in the liberties that we once enjoyed as children?

When we were kids, we were free to roam, ride our bikes until the late hours of the night, people didn’t lock their doors and if you were hurt or lost, you could always walk up to a neighbors door and feel completely safe that help would be offered. Do you feel the same way today? I couldn’t imagine letting my daughter out of my site, and hell, at 6’2″ and 285 lbs., I’m not comfortable knocking on a strangers door, much less letting my daughter do it without me being close behind. It seems that there are more and more stories in the media of tainted chocolate, intentional or otherwise, and random acts of violence against kids and adults by “monsters” in costume.

So are we seeing the end of a tradition or are we simply too consumed with the evil monster that lurks next door to let our guard down for even a single night and let our children enjoy one of childhoods most fun nights?

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