Disney's All Star Resorts

In this continued post on Disney Vacations, I will address some of the resorts that I’ve stayed at in Walt Disney World in Florida. For a review of why you would want to stay on Disney property, please see my post on Disney Vacations.

Disney’s All Star Music: Our first trip to the magical world of Disney brought us to Disney’s All Star Music, one of 4 properties for the budget conscious traveler. The other value properties are All Star Movies, All Star Sports, which is different then the Wide World of Sports, and Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Restaurant: Our first time down, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into, so we bought the standard meal plan at the time of booking which got us 1 table service meal and 1 counter service meal and one snack per person per day. This meal allotment doesn’t seem sufficient at first, but if you’re in the parks at all, you couldn’t possibly eat 3 meals per day. We’re late risers so we almost always missed breakfast and got there just as lunch was being served. The selection in the restaurant was good, there were sufficient choices for all taste buds, but unfortunately the value resorts don’t offer a sit down, menu service restaurant, it’s all counter service, kind of like going to McDonalds or Burger King etc. Each day the menu varied slightly, but the basics were always available like hot-dogs, burgers, chicken fingers etc. On a personal note, their hamburgers are probably one of the best restaurant burgers I’ve ever tried! I’ve never regretted getting one and always make sure that I order it at least once every trip. On a final note, if you’re a pop drinker or like having coffee at all hours of the day and are staying more than 3 days, you’ll be well served to buy the resort travel mug which gives you unlimited fountain pop, coffee and tea at your resort. The only thing they don’t offer at the service counter is milk, you have to ask for it for your tea or coffee. Milk is always available for sale at the restaurant.

Room: The room we had, featured two double beds, a television, a decent sized bathroom and an optional fridge (a daily charge is applied to your room bill). High speed Internet is available in every room at an additional daily charge, which at $10/day is ridiculous, and there is no WiFi available to date; although they keep telling me and they advertise that it is in fact available; I inquired and was told that it is currently available at Coronado Springs and the Grand Floridian but that it is being rolled out to all the resorts, hence the advertising. Each room also features a wall safe, hair dryer and heating/air conditioning unit that actually keeps the room very cool. The beds are comfortable and although it is a value property it is bigger and better kept than some hotel/motels I’ve stayed in.

Staff: Amazing. That pretty much sums it up. The people that work at Disney, are there because they like being there. Everyone is always smiling and happy to assist you no matter what your need. The room service is excellent, the always leave a towel figure on your child’s bed and if they see plush toys, they will try to integrate them with the towel figure which my daughter really loved.

Property: Being a value property, you don’t get a lot of fluff. It’s clean, well thought out and organized but not a lot to do unless you’re going to lay by the pool side. The pool is very big, but doesn’t go deeper than 4.5 feet, and goes as shallow as 3 feet. There is a wadding pool for wee ones and there are plenty of chairs and loungers to go around. You can sun bathe all day if your skin could take it. There is a coin-op laundry on site which sells a variety of laundry products, or bring your own to save a few bucks. The laundry is situated near the pool so you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. The arcade is big with lots of game choices, some classics like PacMan and Galaga, as well as the newer stuff utilizing big screen t.v.’s.

Parking: Lots and Lots of it, well thought out so you’re not walking miles to get to your room after a long day in the parks. But why drive, one of the best perks is Disney’s Bus Service, more on this later on. There is no cost to park, you just have to get a pass to put on your dash.

Summary: In my experience the Disney All Star resorts offer incredible value for your vacation dollar. The rooms are spacious and clean, the staff is extremely pleasant and professional, your needs are taken care of in a very timely manner and you will love the little extras that staying with Disney offers.

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