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24 Hour Battery for GoPro Hero



Did you find yourself running out of battery life with your GoPro? Well all your prayers have been answered with this amazing 24h battery from I got mine the other day and after some initial struggles with getting a GoPro housing to work with it, I finally was able to connect it, after buying another housing, and away I went!

So far I’ve had it running for 2 hours doing time lapse photography and it didn’t make a blip on the battery life indicator. I plan on running it on my drive to Florida, which I’ll do over two days with about 10 hours of driving each day. I’ll update the post as I go along.

The thing to be aware of here is the fact that it is compatible with the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and Hero 4 cameras. BUT it doesn’t fit the original Hero 3 housing, its designed to work with the smaller Hero 4 housing, so unless you have the smaller one, you will have to purchase the right one in order to use the battery. It does NOT work with the model AHDEH-301 housing, but DOES work with the AHSRH-401 housing, which is available from Amazon.

Digipower makes this battery in 3 flavors, a 6 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour capacity. You can purchase one directly from them by clicking here.

Santa won’t come to a mall near you!

So why is it that people feel that it is their God given right to take pictures of their child with Santa?

The malls pay a lot of money for fancy sets, the photography companies pay for Santa and all the staff to run the set, so why do consumers feel that they can simply walk up and take as many pictures of their kids with Santa at no cost to them?

What people don’t realize is that the more that people do that, the more likely it is that Santa won’t be coming to a mall near you!

So what will you cheap scrooges take pictures of then? Ah NOTHING! But it is free so I guess you win anyway.